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2014-04-17 Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting April 2014

Starts at 7:17pm

Past Month
jumpology was a good time
arena racing was cancelled because of lack of interest
quaker steak and lube competition could have been a better event if it had been earlier
clean up had a good turn out.

Local volunteer event
river rock, 10 people needed for bag check May 17th
dog wash at SPCA Right before RVABL Competition

Social event
RVABL Fishing trip?

Charleston is full but Shannon would like to give up her spot.

Brown, black, teal were ordered

RVABL comp
Three people need pick ups at the airport and 6+ people for trains
Welcome party, Natty Boh is making signs
Volunteer event at SPCA is full
Hardywood needs two volunteers for waxing bottles on Wednesday 23rd
Need people to come help set up for competition. Signage, tables, raffle items.
Floaters josh, jimmy, chad, kevin, ed, gordon, robere,
Katie is doing the merch the whole night
Need 5 people to help with raffle items the whole night. Two volunteers from safe harbor shelter
Plinko buy 20bucks worth of tickets get a spin
Character artist is still a go
Clean up is a 20-30 minutes but need 4 volunteers

122 registered 22 states
43 hotels booked
radio spot Patrick, Jimmy, Steve April 22 travis will be going wednesday april 23
cbs 6 chad and steve will be there.
Email will be sent out to all registered about attractions and restaurants.

Need tables, mirrors and chairs
Upstairs will be for judges only.
Need gaffers tape

meeting ends at 8:31pm