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2014-02-20 Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting

Meeting starts at 7:12


Sweethearts for the arts on wheels, josh Ashley amy Kevin andrea matt volunteer event

Polar plunge, josh went. Would like to get a group together for next year.

11th Rumors Chad, Jen and Scott went


Bowling buddies 5 people josh steve megan will Gordon
Speed skating 6-7 people 
stache-dash. No location yet or date
road clean up need more people to help out

setup a schedule for posting to facebook with the people that have access.

Hardywood moved to 5-6pm for setup. 

Jumpology contacted us for beard night. We get ½ off and anyone that comes with a beard or fake beard get $4 off. Late March is the plan. Shoot for march 20th

Va historical next Thursday $200 to donate.27th

Asking for comp memorable

March 5th Valentine history museum beard exhibit 

Hardywood can drive asking for everyone to come with there comp.  march 6th to be in attendance comp clothes. 6-9pm. Group event

March 15th shamrock the block we are going. 

Bailey bridge career day. March 26th 7 presitations for the kids. 7:45-11:40am

Stache bash October 25th helping out with organizing. Media help walle trimmer


Austin this weekend.
Indiana feb  need one more Shannon travis Gordon
Philly, ohio, Fredericksburg, st pete, Cleveland march 29th

 April 12th west Virginia and shippenburg comp
May 10th Hartford
May 17th Roanoke
May 24th SC charleson Richmond KY

$10k in the bank

Pbr deal lapse Mekong is our sponsor for the next year quarterly $500

MA Comp

Mike Henry definite
Melissa Chase definite
Sucide girl contact.
Dave grohl end in of the month
Sam ellis (archer) can do it

Syleweekly for comp

Raffle items

Need more items
Canal club no smoking
Green room downstairs
Food downstairs only
Canal club donating two tickets to any show
Registeristion is downstair
Raffle area is smaller but better
Booths are different
Can’t bring our own beer. We can bring cooler.
Upstairs is judges only
Buy 20 tickets and get a chance for pinko for extra tickets.
Bottom and back maybe no longer in business
raffle bags
dog washing will take as many as 30 people
segway 15% off comp weekend
char artist is an in
comp shirts are ready
need people to walk around earth day fest the same weekend comp
hardywood would open up at noon lunch 300 pours 6 barrels