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2014-01-19 Meeting Minutes


Meeting starting at 6:15


Miami was a good competition. Everyone was pleased.
Portsmoth was a success.

New Jersey: 10 people are going.
Feb 8th Art on Wheels has an event. Event is sold out. Still need volunteers. Need 2 security and 2 bartender.

Feb 11th  Benefit day, Rumors Thrift Boutique. They will donate 20% to the RVA Beard League. Will need one or two folk to come and hang out in the store between 4-7pm, to talk to the customers about where their cash is going.

March 26th Career day at Bailey Bridge Middle School is asking for Bearded Professionals to come talk about their carrers.


This weekend Ashberry park
Feb 8th folk fest comp
March 1st indy  need 1 more person
March  2nd North Carolina
June ? Beards without Borders shippensburg
March 29th
Philly: need a car, Jimmy, maybe Dash
Frederickburg: Patrick and Katie might go
Cleveland: Travis, Chad, Gordon, possibly Josh
April 19th Atlanta: don't shave the date.
April 26th Mid-Atlantic Beard and Stache Competition
May 10th 2nd Annual Hartford Facial Hair Face-Off
May 17th Ronake Competition
May 24th Charleston Competition

Mid-Atlantic Beard and Stache Competition

We have 500 Postcards to past out. 250 are with the Merch and the other half is with Chad. One person should have them to hand out at comps.
Raffle requests, amctv contacted fxnetwork contacts
Patrick will be working with the Raffle items and items should be sent to his address.
(2334 Mountian View Rd Powhatan, Va 23139)

Mike Henry maybe
Dave Grohl maybe
Kesha no
David Arquette no
John Waters no

Pre Competition parties:
Station 2 Friday
Hardywood Saturday

Maxx is leaving fun coordinator open position
Feb 1st  Volunteer to help Maxx pack truck and then go to Alex's house to have a fairwell cookout. Invite will be sent out.

Karoke went great

Virginia is for Beards and Mustaches, Ronake, Hampton Roads, Fredericksburg, NOVA and RVA Facebook Page
This will be to see what all the clubs are doing for events only.
Chad will get more info next month


Patches are in.
New shirt have come in also.  Red and gold, green and gold, Black on black hoodies, black and gold hoodies

Meeting ended at 7:57pm