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2013-12-22 Meeting Minutes

7:30pm Meeting starts

Chad Roberts presiding

4 volunteer events this month: bowling buddies, tackylights, art on wheels, one road cleanup
Fun event: christmas party at wonderland
Sent out christmas cards: printed 50, mailed out 43. Requests for members to hand out the 7 remaining cards. Paul to pass out all but BSMA (Shannon and Travis to hand to BSMA)

Vera - Blessing bags etc. has not yet received thank yous from organization but will be.

RVA Magazine - Members within magazine. STARRING JIMMY AS CENTERFOLD MODEL.

NYC - Venue was cool. Was well run.
Oil City - Super awesome. Next year will be the 10 year anniversary.

Off the Hookah - Sold some merch and raffle tickets - donated $125 to Virginia Wounded Warrior Project.
Extra Special Burly Bearded Bitter Beer release - Still some left
Va Historical Society tour - very interesting,  will have money raised from participation in the Tacky Lights 6k to them. (Check to be written by Sportsbackers, right to VHS.)

Travel policy has kicked in. 
Chad has put online a tracking system for people to put in their hours. Need to put in backlog data (from Robere’s spreadsheet).

Winter Solstache - Steve won beer b/c he loves drinking alcohol.
Chad won second place.


  • Hungary Spring road cleanup - January
  • Bowling Buddies again in January - Cheer on kids as they bowl.  Was broken up into 3 time periods. Might need to have people volunteer for the different time periods.  Need a bit more organization.
  • Art on Wheels moving event
  • Paul Noted: Richmond Folk Festival LOVES THE BEARD LEAGUE.  
  • Tacky Lights - Was cold and raining, but raised $350 for Va Historical Society
  • Karaoke on Quaker Steak on Jan 17. 
  • Posters hanging them the Week after Christmas.  Steve gonig to canvass Carytown and VCU area
  • -People are volunteering. BRING TAPE

Mid-Atlantic Comp Judges:

Melissa Chase will be the returning judge.

Steve: Vince Gilligan, creator of Breaking bad
Ashley: Walking dead, Tyrese and Boxing coach from the Wire
Patrick: Sam Ellis, Character Creator from Archer.  Grease Monkey - Aaron Kaufman.
Travis: Dave Grohl, David Arquette, Ke$ha, Cleveland Show, Mark Ruffalo
Jimmy: Dave Batista, wrestler. Missy Elliot, Chris Daughtry. Magnum TA, Russell Wilson - Seahawks quarterback.
Brigid: CM Punk, Taking back Sunday dude, 
Chad: Neil Fallon, John Waters
Paul: Local burlesque peeps
John: Crazy heart or Out of the furnace Director
Jose: Jay Pharoah
Miami next weekend

Jan 11: Portsmouth (Harley Davidson)
Jan 25th: New Jersey
Jan 18th: Minneapolis
Mar 1: Indiana
Mar 8 : St. Louis
Mar 21: Cleveland, Philly, Fredericksburg

Merch: New beanies selling well
Need or order new shirts: Gold writing. Need color for shirts: RED, GREEN, BLACK
New shirt designs: 


New cards be more info about what we do, not just a social club.
Competition Cards are going to be ordered

Patches: need to figure out how much they cost and therefore how much we will sell them for. $3 seems to be the consensus

--Those Running: Chad

Vice President: Steve, Josh
Steve: 11111111111 = 11
Josh:1111= 4

Secretary: Patrick
Patrick wins

Treasurer: Jimmy Thomson
Jimmy wins by a landslide! WOOOOOO

Jimmy and Travis to work together on the travel business

Committees - 

Volunteer: Josh
Fun: Maxx
Travel: Travis
Events: Jimmy will be coordinating existing events
Finding new information: Need someone to step up for this

Will have a new Beard League PayPal and New Beard League Square account
New password will be: *********

Jimmy took 5 posters
Matt is taking 5
Patrick is taking 5
Paul is taking 4
Bridgid is taking 4

Meeting is over at 8:52