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2013-11-19 Meeting Minutes

11-19-13 Meeting Notes

In Attendance:  Josh, Jose, Katie, Ashley, Stephen, Chad, Jimmy, Vera, Matt, Shannon, Travis, Nick, Maxx.

Pre Notes
Reviewed Jimmy’s hat, talk of digital file. Mustache by the nose is not perfect
If we give the maker a high quality digital image then it might be better ;)
Max arrives fashionably late and the meeting BEGINS at 7:17

Travis and Shannon share their experiences from the World Championships in Stuttgart

WBMA wants to discourage its members from going to the BTUSA Worlds
Decision made that Austin will host Worlds in 2017
Worlds will be in Europe every 4 years and in the US every 4 years, so a world comp every 2 years.

Bellfountaine comp two weekends ago went well, nice venue
NC last weekend went well.  Matt and Vera danced and Ashley took a vine.

Screens and suds event went well
-Volunteer opportunity for the league

Tobacco company event went well. It will be at Off the Hookah this Thursday.
Expect good crowd for the upcoming event.
Steve, Josh, Chad, Nick will be attending.
Organizers will be buying 3 $40 prize packs from us. Organizers need a receipt - Travis will create one and email it.
Raffle - we are running it. Money raised goes to Wounded Warrior project

No BTUSA membership - Unanimous agreement - We will be taken off the website

Massey Cancer center event

Our competition:

Do we want a DJ? Instead of a band.
Michael Duez has offered to DJ for free.
Who else is a possibility?
Music during intermission, low music while people are walking onto stage. Don’t play the same song over and over again

Teaser posters are on the website already. Chad created 3 designs.
We will need a street team to hang the posters once they are printed.

Christmas cards need to be shot this week or next week
Santa Hats
In front of a Christmas Tree
Front of Macy’s
Canal Walk

Blessing Bags - Vera
Has 100 bags done already
Finish the rest of the bags at Friendsgiving
Needs 26 toothbrushes and toothpaste
Whatever we can bring to fill ziplock bags for Friendsgiving.

Black Friday - Hardywood Extra Special Beerd Release

Virginia Historical Society Tour Nov 30

1Dec - Travel Policy Kicks in

Christmas Party at Wonderland during week - 11 Dec? Agreed.

Bowling buddies 15 Dec - 12 people have agreed
Tacky light run on 14 Dec - we need 10 people

19 Dec Soul Stache - 

01 Dec Richmond Road cleanup and 08 Dec Hungary Spring Road Cleanup
-Chad to request more pickers

Agreement to share contact information. Agreement to avoid double calling contacts. 

NY 07 Dec
Oil City 14D ec
Miami 28 Dec - Steve is willing to give up his spot if someone really really really wants to go.
Asbury Park 25 January we have not discusses
Lexington, KY 01 Feb
Austin 22 Feb

01 Mar Indiana - Travis needs to know who wants to go
Charlotte 22 March
Clevelnad 29 March
Philly 29 March?
18 Oct Beard Con 2 in Gatlinburg. Vote to have a 3rd car go?? 

Homework for next meeting: Bring list of judges you want to contact for the competition

January is elections: WHO WANTS TO RUN?
Treasurer: Jimmy
Secretary: Patrick, Jose
Vice President: Josh, Steve
President: Josh, Chad

Alabama girl wants to start a whiskerina club??

Beanies. Once we get a digital image of the logo.
Order of 50 $8 each. Can mix and match colors.
Sell them for $12.

Patches will be ordered this week - Qty 100

Re-order regular business cards
Order competition business cards

Next month’s meeting: 17Dec

TShirt designs
Gold writing - tentative group decision