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2013-10-22 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Start - 7:08

Chad, Stephen, Travis, Matt, Vera, Patrick, Katie, Jimmy, Maxx, Travis, Josh, Ashley

Folk Fest Recap - Event went well, were asked to come back
Blood Lake - 13 turned out. Everyone seemed to have fun.
Comp Recap - Pittsburgh, Fayetteville, Boston, Cincinnati 

This Friday - Hangar 18 Halloween Party
Saturday - Zombie Walk, Hardywood 2nd Ann Party

11-2-13 RVA Mustache Dash 9am-3pm
Sign up for what you want to do on Facebook (need 12-15 people)
(Counting as fun event...not volunteer) 
Bearded Calendar - Not sure if its going to happen

11-2-13 Screens and Suds at Gallery 5, (Not sure if we they have space)
11-2-13 Roller Derby (probably not going to happen)
11-3-13 Autumn Bottom Brews 11am-5pm at the Farmers Market
11-16-13 - Abington, VA Comp and Wilmington, VA
11-30-13 VA Historical Society Tour

Our Comp - DJ instead of a band?

Debut of the Flag!
T-Shirt Ideas - Still talking about this, but we need to sell more of what we have first
Patches - Order Patches (100 patches iron-on)
Fanny Packs 
Next meeting voting on merch ideas

Taylor from Fredericksburg hosting a Celeb Golf Tourney
Do we want to sponsor golf hole? Vote: Unanimous No

12-18-13 Christmas Party Volunteer, Wednesday

Next business meeting Nov 19th

Fun Event talk
Grill, Hang, Talk, Drink Thanksgiving, 11-22????
Change of Nov Potluck to 11-23 Potluck/Cookout

Volunteer Events
Project Homes
Bowling Buddies (Dec. and Jan)
Sgt. Santa
Food Bank
Special Olympics, RVA Beard League made a donation for “Over the Top”

Elections to take place in December (Reminder for this)

Upcoming Comps

11-2 Worlds (possible send off at airport?)
11-9 Bellefontaine Interested: Travis (flying)..possibly Jose, Matt, Maxx, Vera
11-16 Abingdon, and Willmington, Willmington - Travis, Stephen Ashley Josh, Matt, Vera, 
12-7 NYC, 2 Full Cars - Travis, Stephen Ashley Shannon, Jose Patrick Katie, Jimmy
12-14 Oil City - Travis, Josh, Matt Jimmy interested 
12-28 Miami - Stephen, Ashley,. Travis, Matt Vera, Robere

Treasurer Report 
PBR Sponsoring as well
IRS - 501c3 vs 501c4
Hardywood November 29th (Black Friday) - First Beer with them ESB (extra strong bitter)
April Barleywine - Money from Nov. Half for Pints for Prostates/Half to Massey (tentatively)

Talking about comp:
Posters for next meeting
Bring back caricatures

Meeting ends at 8:55