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2013-09-30 Meeting Minutes

September 30, 2013, Casa Dashley, 7:45 - 9:11 PM
Stand-in Secretary: Chad Roberts

In attendance
Vera Odgen
Matt Ogden
Jimmy Thomson
Patrick Quinn
Katie Quinn
Jose DeJesus
Maxx Gerard
Travis Oliver
Shannon Butler
Ashley Brown
Stephen Brown
Chad Roberts

October Volunteer Event (Josh)
Richmond Folk Festival, 10/11, 12, & 13

October Fun Event (Maxx)
Haunted House/Hayride, 10/20
Facebook event will be set up once the details are worked out.

Topics covered, though not necessarily in this order

Recap of 9/28 Boston-area comp
Richmond Tattoo Festival in November - Have Alex check with them for dates, mini-comp, and/or table setup
Possible trip to the Smithsonian in November
Celtic Festival, 10/19-20, check with Amanda M. on a table

Nov. 2 
  • RVA Stash Dash
  • Suds & Screens Event
  • Roller City Roller Girls Bout = $10/each with 8 people
Nov. 3 - Autumn in The Bottom Beer Festival

Upcoming Competitions
11/2 Worlds
11/9 Bellefontaine
11/16 Wilmington Comp, no 11/30 Roanoke one
12/7 NYC
12/14 Oil City
12/28 Miami

Custom shades from Nectar?
New t-shirt ideas run around the group with designs to be posted to the internal group
Baseball shirt style with 3/4 sleeves?
Patches need to get ordered.

Public Events Coordinator position needs to be filled:
  • Caretaker of the tent and accessories,
  • Coordinated with Hardywood for Fridays and special events
  • Checks with festivals for pricing, setup times and instructions
  • Coordinates people to staff events
Who? Jimmy Thomson!

Travel Bylaws clarification
For a car of 4 eligible members paying their $20 deposit, all gas, tolls, and reasonable parking (choosing self-parking over valet given the option) and one night's hotel room will be covered.

WBMA Voting
Location of 2017 Worlds, Austin, TX or Lichtenstein? Austin.
Worlds every 2 years or 4 years? 2 years.

New practice of scheduling the next month's meeting before the closing of the current one.