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2013-05-20 Meeting Minutes

May 2013 Business Minutes

May 20, 2013 at 3:10pm
RVA Beard League Business Meeting

May 19 5:20-7:34pm

Attendance: Travis, Robere, Alex, Maxx, Chad, Jose, Jimmy, Scott, Gordon, Kevin O, David R, Patrick & Katie Quinn

5:20- Rainstick commencement

·        Sponsorship

o  All individuals asking for sponsorship (funding,product, etc) do so on behalf of the League.

·        Future Sponsorship

o  Fingers crossed for Hardywood

·        An Orlosky Proposal

o  “Habitat for Brewmanity”

o  Build a life-sized gingerbread house atHardywood, dressed as elves

o  Fundraiser potential

·        Competition Review

o  212 competitors

o  729 tickets sold

o  17 states and 2 countries represented

o  37 clubs

o  Room for improvement- assign volunteer rolesearlier and more clearly

·        Next Year’s Donation Ideas

o  BB,BS again

o  Safe Harbor shelter


o  Brainstorm more ideas for next month’s meeting

·        Next Year’s Competition

o  Canal Club

o  April 26th

o  Double Tree Hotel specials

o  *Free entry for past Best In Show winners?*

·        Travel Bylaws

o  Discounted travel eligibility: attend 6 events,2 volunteer events within 6 months prior to competition.

·        June events

o  Our 2nd birthday/pub nightextravaganza- June 10th

o  Blood Feud

·        August

o  17th- GWARBQ

·        Upcoming Competitions

o  June 15th- Greencastle, PA

o  July 13th- Nashville, TN

o  July 20th- Cherryhill, NJ

o  August 10th- Fredericksburg

o  August 17th- Rochester, NY

o  September 7th- Nationals, New Orleans

o  October 5th- Pittsburgh, PA

o  October 12th- Fayetteville, NC

o  November 30th- Roanoke, VA

·        Committees

o  Volunteer events

o  Fun events

o  For further discussion next month

7:34 Rainstick adjourns