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2013-04-15 Meeting Minutes

April 2013 Business Minutes

RVA Beard League Busines Meeting

April 14th, 6:28 to 7:21pm

In attendance: The Prestons, Chad, Trannon, Dashley, Brigid, Maxx, Alex, Jose, theQuinns, Jesse, Robere


·        Competition

o  Friday, preparty at Station 2 at 9:00.

o  Saturday, Capital Ale House lunch atnoon.

     §  2-4Loose Screw Tattoo

     §  4:00Set-up at Canal Club

     §  5:30Competitor entrance

     §  6:00doors open

     §  6:30Judges’ meeting

     §  7:00Competition begins

     §  After-party?

o  Sunday, Brunch at On the Rox at 11:00am.

·        4-19

     o  VCU “Ram Bazaar” 11-4:00pm.

·        4-20

     o  Earth Day in Manchester, set-up10:30-11:00.

·        4-21

     o  Newton Rd clean-up at 11:30am.

·        August

     o  GWAR-B-Q

·        June/July

    o  Dinwiddie Running of the Bulls

         §  $50per person

·        May Activity Ideas

     o  Bingo Night

     o  Laser Tag

     o  Gem Mining in Amelia Co.

     o  Kickers’ game

     o  “Cause for a Cause” golf tournament

·        West VA Casino Competition

     o  May 11th

     o  Chad, Travis, Steve, Patrick

·        May 25th

     o  Charleston Comp.

     o  Prepaid: Chad, Scott, Quinns, Dashley