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2011-12-18 Minutes

Follicle Meeting at Keagan’s Irish Pub

December 18, 2011, 4:15-4:35pm

Originally notated on bar napkin with Pilot G-2 disposable pen, lent by Zach Pettrey


  • ELECTIONS (“All in favor of ___ for ___, say I!”) 
    • President: Chad Roberts
    • First Lady: Amy Roberts
    • Seamstress for First Lady’s Gowns: ***TBD***
    • Vice President: Steve Brown
    • Lead Whiskerina: Ashley Taylor Brown
    • Treasurer: Travis Oliver
    • Secretary: Robere Del Follicle
    • Travel Committee: Ashley Taylor Brown, Zach Pettrey, Phil Weinman


*Term length: one calendar year beginning January 1st, 2012.  Reelections occur annually. 

*New positions (i.e. Security, Head Chef, Bold Spelunker) to form on rolling basis. 


  • By-Laws (“I don’t want to come across as an asshole with any of my suggestions.” –T. Oliver)
    • Facial hair not mandatory.
    • Competition not mandatory, though highly encouraged.
    • Bad attitudes strictly prohibited.
      • League members are ambassadors. Individual behavior reflects that of the group.  Be a good person and the League will maintain its acclaim.


  • Funding
    • Merchandising, primarily
    • Stickers coming soon!


  • Formal Meetings
    • *Tentatively* first Sunday of each month.  Details TBA.


  • Meeting Adjourned