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Competitor Info

Hey there!

Thanks to our good friends at PBR, we're a few days away from the 3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Beard & ‘Stache Championships! Congratulations on your impeccable taste in beard competitions. Here's the low-down on what's happening when. 

If you have any further questions, just post on the Facebook event page for the Mid-Atlantic Championships, or in the "2014 Mid-Atlantic Championships" GroupMe group we have set up (more on that below). 

Weekend Events Schedule

Friday, April 25

Welcome Party at 9:00 p.m.
Station 2 - 2016 East Main Street, 23223

Saturday, April 26

Volunteer, Lunch & Beer Event 
10:45 a.m. - Richmond SPCA - 2519 Hermitage Road, 23220
& 12:00 p.m. - Hardywood Park Craft Brewery - 2408 Ownby Lane, 23220

The 3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Beard & ‘Stache Championships
4:00 p.,m. - Doors open and on-site registration begins  
6:00 p.m. - Event begins
The Canal Club - 1545 East Cary Street, 23219

Sunday, April 27

Hangover Brunch  at 11:00 p.m.
On The Rox - 119 North 18th Street, 23223

Event Resources

Google Map of Event Locations and Points of Interest

If you want to find out where people are once you get into town, or want to ask a few last-minute questions, join our GroupMe texting group ("2014 Mid-Atlantic Championships") for all of the weekend's festivities. You can receive standard SMS texts, or via a free app for smartphones. 

Exploring Richmond

Seeing the City

River City Segs is offering a 20% discount good for that weekend. Just call and mention the RVA Beard League when calling to make reservations, at 804-343-6105. They offer more than 8 Segway tours that let you experience RVA in a unique way.  Many of the tours are history tours but they also offer a riding tour (River City Ride) and a Public Art Tour.  Information can be found at and they are literally around the corner from On the Rox.

RVA Street Art app, your guide to great public street art in Richmond 
Top 10 Free(!) Richmond Sites for Out-of-Towners
Article from Frommer's magazine, listing Richmond in their Top Destinations for 2014

The Main Event

Whether you’re new to the world of competitive bearding or not, here’s what to expect.


We are a thirsty bunch, and it's easy to forget to get some food throughout the day, so we made plenty of options easily available on Saturday.

1) At the Volunteer, Lunch & Beer Event 

There will be several food trucks on site at Hardywood for our Bourbon Barrel-aged Barleywine release:
2) Near the Hotel

If you'd like to get something to eat before you get decked out and ready for the comp, we swung some deals with a few great local restaurants for you:

Mojo's Philadeli
5 block walk / 733 W. Cary St. 23220 / 804-644-6676 (Full menu and specials) /

    • Any 4 topping philly cheesesteak + a side + bottle of beer off our craft beer menu = $14
    • Any Pizza up to 4 toppings = $6
    • 2 entrees + a side salad + an app = $22
    • 2 four-topping cheesesteaks + two sides + two 20 oz. drinks = $22
3 block walk / 200 W. Broad St. 23220 / 804-780-0004 
    • 20% food discount for all competitors, just mention it to the server.
3) At The Championships

The Canal Club offer wraps, burgers, salads, and other dinner items from the downstairs bar:


If you're not using the DoubleTree's shuttle service, meters and timed parking doesn't apply after 6:00 p.m. on Fridays and there are a couple paid lots that are really inexpensive around the venue. 

Inside Layout

Inline image 1

Competitor Registration

The downstairs half of the club will be set up for competitors as a preparation area. The bar down there will be open serving drinks and taking food orders. Once you’re inside and enter the downstairs area, follow the signs and head left toward the stairs on the far side of the small stage. Up the stairs on the second floor, the registration table will be to your left. There, check in and we’ll make sure you're in the correct category and give you your contestant number. The category definitions we and the judges will be using are available at To make things a little easier, each category is a block of 100. Don’t lose your contestant number, that’s how the judges will be identifying you. 

If you brought friends and they decide they want to join in the fun, registration is free and will remain open until the first competitor for that category is on stage. It’s also worth pointing out that the ladies are eligible to compete in both Fake categories if they wish.

Raffle Items

Perhaps you've heard, we have a crazy array and amount of raffle items you can try and win. There's plenty of beard care products, autographed items, posters, shirts, gift cards, you name it. Raffle tickets are $1 each, 12 for $10, and for $20 you can get 24 raffle tickets plus a chance to win even more with our plinko bonus board! The full listing of prize packs will be up on our website:

Note the item number of the raffle pack you want to bid on and tell the ticket taker which one and they'll file it into the corresponding bag(s). We'll draw and write down the winning ticket numbers on posters before Best In Show. Be sure to stick around until then since you must be present to claim your prize

Once you're done there, head over to the merch booths on the other side and pick up some goodies from your favorite local Beard League and some great clubs and local businesses. 

We will proceed through the categories as follows:
  Fake Realistic100
  Moustache Natural200
  Moustache Styled300
  Partial Beard Natural500
  Partial Beard Styled
  Full Beard Under 1 Inch
  Full Beard Groomed
  Fake Creative900
  Full Beard Natural 1"-8"
  Full Beard Natural Over 8"1100
  Full Beard Styled (Freestyle)1200
  Final Rounds & Best In Show

Preliminary Round

Competitors: keep an ear out when we call for your category and block of numbers. When you’re called, line up by number to the far left of the stage. Each of you will individually go up on stage, show off your facial hair to the adoring crowd, then go over to the judge’s table for inspection. There, they’ll write down your number, judge, and take notes. Then step off stage while the other contestants are considered. In our larger categories, we'll do a series of heats.

Once everyone in the group has filed through, we’ll have everyone line up in front of the judges as a group, and they’ll write down the contestant numbers of their top 3. Once finished, walk off of the stage and back down into the party. 

Final Round

When all of the competitors have been judged, we’ll bring the judges’ picks back up on stage by category. With the competitors lined up again, the judges will vote, Olympic-style with paddles, so you can see the points awarded. Based on the point totals, first, second, and third places will then be awarded.

Best In Show

All of the First Place winners on stage will head back up on stage, and based on audience response, the Best In Show will be determined.

Again, if you have any further questions, just ask on the Facebook event page for the Mid-Atlantic Championships, or in the GroupMe group we have set up. 

See you soon!

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